Why Me?

Natural Bladder Health’s medical visionary is acupuncture physician Justin Mandel, DOM AP who
got his start in alternative medicine in 1997 as an intern at an acupuncture clinic while in college in upstate New York. He is a 2002 graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine which at the time was recognized as the “Harvard” of all acupuncture schools in the United States.


He has provided genuine hope and healing for patients since 2003 for a wide variety of acute and chronic health conditions . Justin Mandel, DOM AP has treated or examined over 6,000 pain patients and worked for over 4-years in New York City in group practice together with an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, internist, and chiropractic physician.


He serves as an acupuncture expert witness for independent counsel, law firms, and insurance companies and is available to testify in court. He also functions an IME provider and peer reviewer.


Justin Mandel, DOM AP is also a medical chi-kung healer, which is a gift that he received in February of 1999. Prior to that he no formal medical chikung training and went from having no working knowledge of it to being able to strongly make it manifest during patient treatments.


He is the pioneer of Visceral Flexibility, an exciting new breakthrough in diagnostic and treatment methodology, who’s time has finally come for the successful rehabilitation of Overactive Bladder (OAB). Visceral Flexibility as a stand alone method has continued to consistently prove itself over time by showing tremendous potential for both men and women with even extremely long-term cases of OAB to greatly reduce or permanently eliminate their needless urinary symptoms.


Justin Mandel, DOM AP is the inventor of both the non-invasive Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique patented procedure. The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique offers people a genuine way for people to safely and naturally RE-EXPAND their bladder so the bladder can once again hold a normal volume of urine just like it used to before there was any issues.


Patients who choose Justin Mandel, DOM AP as their source for natural bladder healthcare are extremely fortunate in that he truly offers “one stop shopping” without having to go to multiple specialists to receive top specialized healthcare. In addition to offering his unique patented Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique procedure, he also offers PTNS, acupuncture, and herbal medicine – an extremely potent array of 4 totally different types of treatments which each have a very different emphasis.


He warmly welcomes any and all of the most chronic and challenging cases of OAB that can be seen. His all-time personal favorite type of patient to work with is someone who has already been to every specialist under the sun, but has not seen the degree of relief they had hoped to experience. That’s because he thoroughly enjoys the pleasure of providing relief to people when no one else qualified can help them and they have run out of options.


We are the one and only practice in the world to offer the revolutionary patented Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique procedure with it’s unique patent-pending Bladder Re-X medical device. We effectively offer a completely new approach to both the diagnosis and treatment of Overactive Bladder (OAB) then any other treatment in the history of Urology.


Very simply, OAB’s varied increased symptoms usually takes place from a bladder that can’t hold the same volume of urine that it used to be able to. But, the problem is not because of a “small bladder” or “spasmotic bladder” as is so often callously told to patients by their specialist. The problem instead is that with OAB, ones bladder exists in a contracted state which is caused by a variety of reasons that will be revealed just below. So our safe, all-natural and highly effective approach naturally RE-EXPANDS ones bladder and allows it to fill up just like it used to, so you’re not spending your life being inconvenienced by running to bathroom.


The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique takes advantage of a brand new fascinating concept in OAB rehabilitation called “Visceral Flexibility”. It has been discovered that when the viscera that surrounds the bladder loses its flexibility, which has been lost to a wide variety of reasons including stress and poor intestinal health, ones OAB symptoms start to increase.


Contrarily, when the viscera surrounding the bladder once again regains their natural flexibility, ones symptoms thankfully start to diminish.


What contributes to making the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique so incredibly cutting edge is that it is the very FIRST and only treatment that shockingly doesn’t focus on the urinary bladder itself. Up until now, the bladder has always been to blame for ones increased urinary symptoms. But, the alternative picture is emerging that the large intestine, an entirely different organ that has nothing to do with urinary function, is always curiously involved in a patients OAB symptoms. This fact is backed up by supporting evidence verified by 13 total separate scientific studies from around the world.


The interesting story behind this life changing treatment got started through years of clinical practice while causally treating patients in his general alternative medicine practice. Justin Mandel, DOM AP, very slowly started connecting the dots that despite the popularly held belief that OAB’s caused by a problem with the bladder or with the nerves that are connected to the bladder, that the vast majority of people who suffer from it actually have a totally normal, totally healthy bladder. He has resolutely continued to stand by that claim as he continues to change peoples lives one person at a time.


What he curiously discovered is that the real problem lies with the condition of the environment that SURROUNDS the bladder and this is what causes most OAB symptoms like increased urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency, and increased nighttime urination. When the otherwise healthy environment changes something called the “turgor effect” takes place and this causes other organs outside of the bladder to invade its physical space where the bladder normally exists, which understandably completely interrupts its ability to properly function normally.


This idea of the turgor effect causing increased urinary symptoms is far from brand new. It has been known by modern medicine for years that men with prostatitis and women who are pregnant both have increased urinary symptoms due to either the prostate gland pressing on the bladder or the baby’s head resting on the bladder. Once the prostate gland starts to shrink back down to normal size and once the baby is born, the increased urinary symptoms in both men and women eventually over time goes away.


So now for the very first time, the all-natural, totally safe and incredibly effective patented Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique with the non-invasive Bladder Re-X medical device can conveniently help you to prevent embarrassment and eliminate pent up frustration due to resolving this needless condition. Very logically then, once the environment surrounding your bladder is normalized your OAB symptoms will start to diminish. Then eventually over time as the environment next to your bladder starts to get corrected, your symptoms will start to improve and will eventually get eliminated thereby leaving you to live life fully, just as was always intended for you.


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*Inventor of the patented non-invasive Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique procedure
*Inventor of the patent-pending Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique procedure medical device