Patients overwhelmingly prefer to come to Natural Bladder Health for PTNS treatment specifically because Justin Mandel, DOM AP is an acupuncture physician who’s exclusively trained in the gentle application of hair-thin needles. Unlike a nurse, Justin Mandel, DOM AP has been specially trained to locate the “exact” acupuncture point for where this treatment needs to be implied which means that the chances are increased that you will need less visits because the job is done right the first time.


In our trusted hands at Natural Bladder Health, you will receive the identical type of PTNS treatment as you get would from any urologist referred to you, but you’ll be satisfied to know that 95% of the time you’ll be seen on time which means that you’ll never have to spend hours being bored in a lifeless waiting room shuffling through old magazines that you don’t want to read.


Your premium PTNS treatment experience always takes place in a private room and you’ll never be seen along with other patients in a possibly uncomfortable group type setting. This means that you can fully relax and receive the maximum benefits of treatment without being disturbed or feeling like there’s been an invasion of your privacy.


When you come to Natural Bladder Health you will always get personalized care from Justin Mandel, DOM AP himself which means you’ll never have to be concerned about being seen by someone with substandard credentials.