Acupuncture has an incredibly rich 5,000 year history and has been the mainstream form of medicine for thousands of years before western medicine arrived on the scene only a relatively short time ago. In this day and age with our advanced technology, modern medicine is counter intuitively still only playing “catch up” to acupuncture. The best example of this that is a treatment relatively recently recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) which was discovered by ancient Chinese physicians from millenia ago for turning a baby that is caught up in umbilical cord by stimulating a point near the little pinky toe nail.


Acupuncture as you may well know has acquired am extremely solid foothold in America with 55% of all adults seeking out alternative medical care each year. And more and more hospitals nationwide are requiring that the MD’s they hire are certified in acupuncture.


At Natural Bladder Health, we approach each patient uniquely and spend the time needed for accurate diagnosis and treatment. We always first utilize evidence based treatment strategies as based on current research that has been acquired from around the world.


In the event that evidence based treatment strategies are not sufficiently generating the results that are desired, alternative avenues of acupuncture treatment can then be assessed and applied. Powerful results oriented micro systems at that point can then be utilized which includes:

  • Classic Acupuncture – specifc acupuncture point locations are used as based on
  • Huang’s Ear Acupuncture – utilizing auditory based diagnostic equipment to help easily identify and pinpoint possible areas of organ imbalance
  • Sujok & Onnuri Medicine – a powerful Korean system that utilizes gentle probing of micro sized areas on the fingers, hands, toes, and feet