Fee Schedule

TOS DISCOUNT* Usual & Customary Fee


In Office Consultation



Online Telemedicine Consultation




A $300 TOS discount retainer fee is required to schedule your consultation in order to provide sufficient time to . You will be refunded the balance of time not utilized for your consultation with each minute billed out at $5. So for example, if you scheduled a consultation and only 30-minutes was needed then half of your consultation fee will be refunded back to you. If your consultation goes for 45-minutes then $75 will be refunded back to you. Please allow up to 48-hours to receive the balance of what is left over from your consultation. All refunds for online telemedicine consultations will be scheduled via Paypal.





BRT Follow-Up






Initial Acupuncture



Follow Up Acupuncture



Initial Herbal Medicine

Follow Up Herbal Medicine


BRAND NEW PATIENT FINANCING OPTION: Because we know that there are people who our need our services, yet can’t afford them due to one reason or another we are proud to now offer Cleargage Inc. rate friendly patient financing.


Natural Bladder Health has a 48-hour cancellation policy. A credit card is required to hold your appointment.


*TOS discount only applies to those who pay on the same date as service was provided. All services can be paid for with cash, check, credit card, or flex card.